How Top Agencies Stay On Top Of Emerging Technology & Innovation

Top Agencies Emerging Technology Innovation Business Growth

Modern businesses are always evolving, but the best agencies stay on top of the latest technology trends. By learning the latest techniques, strategies and platforms, professional partners can create better products, campaigns and projects for their clients. And this, in turn, results in better business growth for those brands.

Many industries are dependent on technology in 2018. For example, digital marketing relies on tech to compile information on consumers and properly target demographics.

Top software developers need the latest programs to streamline workflow and protect important data through cybersecurity measures.

Website design and development (and app designers and developers, for that matter!) rely on innovation to create beautiful, user-friendly websites that foster strong conversion rates.

Top Emerging Technology Resources That Top-Level Agencies Utilize

TEDTalk Technology Videos Podcast Interviews

1. TEDTalks Technology

In the same vein as their signature speeches, the TEDTalks Technology podcasts and videos speak to the world’s best inventors, top entrepreneurs and more. The tech experts share how they came up with their ideas, how they work and more.

CIO Magazine Homepage Technology IT Information

2. CIO Magazine

This digital publication is targeted to high-level decision-makers, directors, and executives. Top-level executives can learn how to integrate emerging technology into their daily business practices to create a highly-productive work environment. Those tips are extremely helpful for top information technology companies or software developers, as it outlines how to maximize program benefits.

In addition, experts can learn how those IT improvements can help frontward-facing platforms and consumer engagements.

MarketWatch Web Design Homepage Business Insights Stock Market

3. MarketWatch

Sometimes, the proof is in the numbers – and digital publication MarketWatch knows that. They keep a pulse on the latest tech news and track the monetary success of major companies.

The best agencies can use information gathered from MarketWatch to draw conclusions about certain businesses’ campaigns, projects and innovations and see if they resonate in the market. If they do, they can implement them in their own projects to improve a client’s brand value.

TechStuff Website Podcast Topics Technology

4. TechStuff

This podcast dives into the logistics of how emerging technology works. Topics range from everyday technology to artificial intelligence to large-scale innovations.

TechStuff also discusses how emerging tech impacts society as a whole, giving the best agencies a peek into how incorporating new tech into campaigns and projects can improve user experience and better appeal to consumers.

DesignRush Trends & Insights Emerging Technology Articles

5. DesignRush

DesignRush focuses on how agencies can leverage the latest trends and information to grow businesses – and technology is a main player in that mission.

We outline the best websites, print designs and more, detailing exactly why they are so successful. The Trends & Insights section outlines the exactly how the latest innovations can help growing brands, and the Agency Listing section showcases the top agencies that deliver strong client results.

Why The Best Partner Firms Learn The Top Tech Trends

Top-level agencies take the time and energy to learn the latest technology trends and strategies. This investment is important because it helps partner firms create better campaigns for their clients.

Although those well-performing projects achieve the obvious benefit of business growth, they also benefit agencies. For example, one successful marketing campaign for a client will also improve a digital marketing agency’s reputation and portfolio. This, in turn, helps a great digital marketing company discover more client leads.

In addition, business growth strategies are always changing – especially as more and more business is increasingly conducted online. E-commerce is taking over brick-and-mortar shopping, paid media is surpassing sponsored radio spots, and so on.

By learning the latest technology trends, the best agencies in the world can discover the latest platforms, programs and tactics to promote brands, services and products to modern consumers. Great firms will be able to target audiences specifically, understand the consumer better, and foster a strong relationship between business and customer that will lead to increased revenue.

Ready to explore the top web design and development companies – including client lists, awards, past experience and more? Head to DesignRush’s Agency Listing section.

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How The Best Agencies Create Effective Campaigns Through Clients With The Help Of Emerging Technology

1. Artificial Intelligence

Top-level agencies incorporate artificial intelligence to create a better user experience for users online. Tactics such as machine learning will create customer profiles, detailing what website visitors purchase, search for, bookmark, and how often they do so.

When great agencies create platforms designed to capture this crucial consumer behavior information, partner firms can then utilize it to further increase conversions and revenue through tailored suggestions and more helpful customer service.

2. Personalization

The latest technological updates can help brands create individually customized experiences with a brand – and 79 percent of customers are only likely to engage with a brand if they show a personalized experience.

This personalization can come via web design interactions – which we discussed above – or through personalized marketing experience. For example, certain email marketing experts can compile information about consumers email and online behaviors. Then, those email marketing companies will use that information to craft customized email campaigns that optimized exactly for a recipient’s optimal time for engagement.

Because technology is constantly changing and growing, the best agencies need to learn about the latest strategies and programs as soon as they hit the market. This ensures that top firms can help their clients stay ahead of the competition while continuously appealing to their consumers’ needs.

3. Digital Marketing

Evolving technology programs, platforms and software help the best marketing agencies promote brands effectively, target audiences specifically and manage marketing initiatives better.

Some digital marketing strategies influenced by innovation include paid media, social media algorithms and analysis, and customized video marketing experiences (think AR/VR or interactive 360-degree videos).

When the best digital marketing firms take the time and energy to continually learn about marketing advancements, they can improve a brand’s recognition and boost their bottom line.

Plus, discover the best digital marketing firms, compare their portfolios and more in our Agency Listing section.


Ultimately, the best agencies across all areas and industries take the time and energy to learn about the latest marketing trends and updates, because this improves the work they produce for clients.

By reading trade publications and listening to top podcasts – like those listed above – great partner firms can ensure the brands they work with stay ahead of the market and ahead of their competition.